The Boas Circle vs. White Supremacy
Ira Bashkow / Reviews
July 2020
Proposal to “Un-Name” Kroeber Hall
Nicholas Barron / News
Recent Publications at BEROSE
BEROSE / Announcements
Upcoming History of Anthropology Talks at the BSHS Global Digital History of Science Festival
Sarah Pickman / Announcements
June 2020
Call for Papers: Special Issue on History of World Anthropologies
Sarah Pickman / Announcements
“Who’s Zoomin’ Who”: A Reflection on the 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Anthropology Association
Nicholas Barron / Participant Observations
Webinar: “Anthropology of Policing Part II: The Persistence of Racialized Police Brutality and Community Responses,” June 25, 2020
Jennifer Fraser / Announcements
New release from BEROSE – Hourcade on Georg Forster
Jennifer Fraser, Christine Laurière and Frederico Delgado Rosa / Announcements
Webinar: Anti-Blackness: Readings on Violence, Resistance, and Repair
Sarah Pickman / Announcements
Our (Dis)Orderly World: Thinking with Purity and Danger in the 21st Century
Hilary Leathem / Generative Texts
Weight versus Power in Texts
Alice B. Kehoe / Generative Texts
Fieldwork Training, the Harvard Chiapas Project, and Evon Z. Vogt’s “Rolling Flexibility”
Lauren Kapsalakis / Generative Texts
New release from BEROSE – Leal on Nina Rodrigues
Sarah Pickman, Christine Laurière and Frederico Delgado Rosa / Announcements
Online Event: American Anthropology Association Webinar on the “Anthropology of Policing,” June 11, 2020
Jennifer Fraser / Announcements
Online Event: “Seeing Indigenous Land Struggles in COVID-19,” June 9, 2020
Jennifer Fraser / Announcements
Call for Applications: Honorary Reviews Editor for JRAI
Jennifer Fraser / Announcements
May 2020
New release from BEROSE – Capone and Peixoto on “Anthropologies in Brazil”
Christine Laurière, Frederico Delgado Rosa and Sarah Pickman / Announcements
Latest Additions to the Bibliography, May 2020
Nicholas Barron and Janet Steins / Bibliography
Call for Exhibition Submissions: “Illustrating Anthropology,” Royal Anthropological Institute, London, UK
Jennifer Fraser / Announcements
Resources for Doing HoA Online
The Editors / Site Updates
Announcing BEROSE: International Encyclopaedia of the Histories of Anthropology
Christine Laurière, Frederico Delgado Rosa and The Editors / Announcements
A Historiography of Belonging: Wendy Wickwire and the Anthropological Legacy of James Teit
Frederico Delgado Rosa / Reviews
April 2020
HAR Update, Spring 2020
The Editors / Site Updates
Whom Freud Would Not Otherwise Reach: Ashley Montagu, Psychoanalysis, and U.S. Anthropology at Midcentury
Andrew Fearnley / Clio’s Fancy
New Resource: Free Journal Access from Berghahn Books
Jennifer Fraser / Announcements
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