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Baca, George. “Sidney W. Mintz: From the Mundial Upheaval Society to a Dialectical Anthropology.Dialectical Anthropology 40 (2016): 1–11.

From the Introduction: Sidney Mintz (11/25/22–12/25/15) represents the passing of the final member of the distinguished group of anthropologists who formed the “Mundial Upheaval Society” (MUS) during the late 1940s at Columbia University. Though Mintz had the privilege of studying with great anthropological minds, of the likes of Ruth Benedict and Julian Steward, fellow graduate students stoked his passion for anthropological theory and ethnographic fieldwork. Indeed, the membership of the group was impressive, including such luminaries as Eric Wolf, Stanley Diamond, Morton Fried, John Murra, Robert Manners, Robert Murphy, and Elman Service. Continue reading

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Aiello, Leslie C. “The Wenner–Gren Foundation: Supporting Anthropology for 75 Years.” Current Anthropology 57, no. Supplement 14 (2016): S211–17.

Author’s Abstract: The Wenner–Gren Foundation is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2016. It was founded in 1941 with an endowment of approximately US $165 million. Wenner–Gren has never been a large foundation in the sense of Rockefeller or Mellon, but it has had a disproportionate impact on the field of anthropology. The foundation and the field have in essence grown up together. Wenner–Gren preceded the other major US funder of anthropology, the National Science Foundation, by almost two decades and, through its grants, fellowships, sponsored symposia, and publications, has always been there for anthropology. Continue reading