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Field Notes is a forum for reflections on the state of the field of history of anthropology, broadly conceived. We welcome a variety of contributions including (but not limited to) short articles, theoretical musings, reports on cultural and academic events and displays, and discussions of intellectual resources of interest to our readers. If you’re interested in submitting such a piece, please email us at

January 2017
Fair Necropolis: The Peruvian Dead, the First American Ph.D. in Anthropology, and the World’s Columbian Exposition of Chicago, 1893
Christopher Heaney
November 2016
Have Anthropology Museums Become History Museums? A Visit to Museum für Völkerkunde in Hamburg, Germany
Samuel J. Redman
February 2016
Special Focus: History of the History of Anthropology Newsletter
Ira Bashkow, Regna Darnell, Richard Handler and Ira Jacknis
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