Editor’s Introduction: The Morton Cranial Collection and Legacies of Scientific Racism in Museums
Paul Wolff Mitchell / Participant Observations
February 2021
Ignoble Trophies: The Samuel G. Morton Collection, Repatriation, and Redress for the 21st Century
Ann Kakaliouras / Participant Observations
Bernhard J. Stern, an American Apologist for Stalinism
Sergei A. Kan / Field Notes
‘A Pearl in Peril’ by Christina Luke
William Carruthers / Reviews
Resource Spotlight: International Encyclopedia of Anthropology
Janet Steins / Announcements
Affective Responses to Normalized Violence in Museums
Stephanie Mach / Participant Observations
Morton, the Maya and Me: Reflections from a Yucatec Maya Graduate Student
Francisco Diaz / Participant Observations
Colonizing the Indigenous Dead
Margaret M. Bruchac / Participant Observations
New Release from BEROSE – García on archaeological museums in Colombia
BEROSE / Announcements
Online Event: “Race and Nation in Puerto Rican Folklore: Franz Boas and John Alden Mason in Porto Rico”
Adrianna Link / Announcements
CFP: “Changing Fields: Hilde and Richard Thurnwald’s Ethnology”
Sarah Pickman / Announcements
New Release from BEROSE – Launay on Ferguson
BEROSE / Announcements
January 2021
Online Event: Lee Baker on “W.E.B DuBois, Franz Boas, and ‘the Real Race Problem'”
Jennifer Fraser / Announcements
New Release from BEROSE – Guimarães on de Azevedo
BEROSE / Announcements
CFP: Anthropological Journal of European Cultures Special Issue on “Decolonizing Europe: national and transnational projects”
Jennifer Fraser / Announcements
Activist Realignments in the History of Anthropology: The Association of Senior Anthropologists’ Panels at “Raising our Voices”
CFP: Préhistoire et anthropologie entre science, philosophie, politique et internationalisme. Colloque international sur Gabriel de Mortillet, Paris
Jennifer Fraser / Announcements
Reminder: Native American Scholars Initiative (NASI) Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities, American Philosophical Society, Upcoming Deadline
Sarah Pickman / Announcements
CFP: Антропологии/ Anthropologies Special Issue on the History of European Anthropologies
Jennifer Fraser / Announcements
‘Darwinism, Democracy, and Race’ by John P. Jackson Jr. and David J. Depew
Marijke M. Stoll / Reviews
Online Seminar: Anthropology After Gluckman, January 21, 2021
Jennifer Fraser / Announcements
Reminder: History of Anthropology Working Group, “Antiblackness and Indigeneity,” January 6, 2021
Adrianna Link / Announcements
December 2020
Toward an Anthropology of Automation: Leroi-Gourhan and the “Elementary Forms of Action on Matter” at the Musée de l’Homme
John Tresch / Clio’s Fancy
New Release from BEROSE – Faeta on Cancian
BEROSE / Announcements
New release from BEROSE – Cavalcanti on Nogueira
BEROSE / Announcements
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