Special Focus: Histories of Ethnoscience
Linda Andersson Burnet, Ana Maria Alfonso-Goldfarb, Graham Dutfield, Roy Ellen, Marcia H. M. Ferraz, Hanna Hodacs, Sabina Leonelli, Paula López Caballero, Harriet Mercer, Staffan Müller-Wille, Abigail Nieves Delgado, Daniela Sclavo, Raphael Uchôa and Silvia Waisse / Field Notes
2024 New Year’s Update from HAR Editors
The Editors / News
Editors’ Introduction: Fields, Furrows, and Landmarks in the History of Anthropology
Warwick Anderson, Lee D. Baker, Margaret M. Bruchac, William Carruthers, James Clifford, Rosanna Dent, Nélia Dias, Elizabeth Edwards, Ugo F. Edu, Matthew Engelke, Benoît de L'Estoile, James D. Faubion, Margaret Flood, Ruth Goldstein, Robert L. A. Hancock (Metis), Ageliki Lefkaditou, Adrianna Link, Jonathan Marks, H. Glenn Penny, Nathan Schlanger, Marilyn Strathern, Edna Suárez-Díaz, Helen Tilley, John Tresch and Han F. Vermeulen / Field Notes, Site Updates
March 2024
New Exhibition: “A woman in the field: Susan Drucker-Brown’s photographs and anthropological fieldnotes (Mexico 1957-1958)”
Sarah Pickman / Announcements
Heloisa Torres at the Heart of Brazilian Anthropology, by Domingues
BEROSE / Announcements
International Fieldwork in Türkiye in Retrospect, by Magnarella and Sipahi
BEROSE / Announcements
History of Andean Kinship Studies and Computational Analysis, by Sendón
BEROSE / Announcements
DEADLINE EXTENDED: CFP: Reimagining Europe: Decolonizing Historical Imaginaries and Disciplinary Narratives in Folklore, Ethnology and Beyond
Sarah Pickman / Announcements
Science and Its Others: Histories of Ethnoscience
Raphael Uchôa, Staffan Müller-Wille and Harriet Mercer / Field Notes
Between the Ethnographic Record and the Field Diary: The Hybrid Medical Practices in Zinacantán before Ethnomedicine (Mexico, 1940s)
Paula López Caballero / Field Notes
Mining the Contents of the University of Wisconsin’s Book Series History of Anthropology (12 Volumes, 1983-2010)
Janet Steins / Generative Texts
Latest Additions to Bibliography, March 2024
Janet Steins, Judith Kaplan, Blythe Roveland-Brenton and Nicholas Barron / Bibliography
Authors Meet Critics: “The Unnaming of Kroeber Hall” with Andrew Garrett
Sarah Pickman / Announcements
Richard Thurnwald’s Position in the Nazi Period: Some Methodological Considerations in the History of Anthropology
Peter Rohrbacher / Field Notes
February 2024
The Victorian Anthropology of Indian Tribes, Castes and Society, by Fuller
BEROSE / Announcements
The Rio de Janeiro Anthropological Exhibition of 1882, by M. Agostinho
BEROSE / Announcements
Corso’s Erotic and Exotic Anthropology, by Coppola
BEROSE / Announcements
CFP: Reimagining Europe: Decolonizing Historical Imaginaries and Disciplinary Narratives in Folklore, Ethnology and Beyond
Hande Birkalan-Gedik / Announcements
January 2024
From Subfield to Field: The First Histories of Anthropologies International Conference
Han F. Vermeulen / Participant Observations
Call for Papers: Journal of Anthropology Research
Sarah Pickman / Announcements
“Post-Folklore”: Anthropology and Economic Development in European Peripheries, 1950–1995 
Niki Rhyner / Field Notes
Actors – Narratives – Strategies: Constellations of Transnational Folklore Research, 1875‒1905
Frauke Ahrens and Christiane Schwab / Field Notes, Participant Observations
Now Online: First International Conference of the Histories of Anthropologies (HOAIC) Recorded Talks
John Tresch / Announcements
New Publication: Benjamin Breen’s “Tripping on Utopia”
Sarah Pickman and The Editors / Announcements
History of the Human Sciences Early Career Prize
Sarah Pickman / Announcements
“The Remnants of Race Science: UNESCO and Economic Development in the Global South” with Sebastián Gil-Riaño
Sarah Pickman / Announcements
The Politics of AAA in Action: From Pseudo to Epitomizing Events
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