Socio-Cultural Anthropology under Hitler: An Introduction to Four Case Studies from Vienna
Andre Gingrich and Peter Rohrbacher / Clio’s Fancy, Field Notes
Special Focus: Structures
Cameron Brinitzer, Gabriel Coren, Lorraine Daston, François Dosse, Bernard Dionysius Geoghegan, Shin-pyo Kang, Frédéric Keck, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Csaba Pléh, John Tresch and Helen Verran / Field Notes
Special Focus: Engaging ‘The Second Generation of African American Pioneers in Anthropology’
Tracie Canada / Field Notes, Reviews
Special Focus: The Morton Cranial Collection and Legacies of Scientific Racism in Museums
Margaret M. Bruchac, Francisco Diaz, VanJessica Gladney, CD Green, Ann Kakaliouras, Stephanie Mach, Jonathan Marks, Paul Wolff Mitchell, Samuel J. Redman, Ricardo Roque, Deborah Thomas, Courtney Thompson, Paul Turnbull and Christopher D.E. Willoughby / Participant Observations
Special Focus: Canguilhem’s Milieu Today
Cameron Brinitzer, Carlo Caduff, Gabriel Coren, Hannah Landecker, Todd Meyers, Adriana Petryna and Kathleen Stewart / Field Notes
Special Focus: História dos Índios no Brasil Dossiê
Marta Amoroso, Manuela Carneiro da Cunha, Leandro Mahalem de Lima, Rosanna Dent, Camila Loureiro Dias, Nádia Farage, Joziléia Daniza Kaingang, Paulo Santilli and Luísa Valentini / Field Notes
Editors’ Introduction: Fields, Furrows, and Landmarks in the History of Anthropology
Warwick Anderson, Lee D. Baker, Margaret M. Bruchac, William Carruthers, James Clifford, Rosanna Dent, Nélia Dias, Elizabeth Edwards, Ugo F. Edu, Matthew Engelke, Benoît de L'Estoile, James D. Faubion, Margaret Flood, Ruth Goldstein, Robert L. A. Hancock (Metis), Ageliki Lefkaditou, Adrianna Link, Jonathan Marks, H. Glenn Penny, Nathan Schlanger, Marilyn Strathern, Edna Suárez-Díaz, Helen Tilley, John Tresch and Han F. Vermeulen / Field Notes, Site Updates
November 2022
New journal announced: History of Social Science
Sarah Pickman / Announcements
Online Interactive Archive: Ethnographic Monographs before Argonauts of the Western Pacific (1870–1922)
Frederico Delgado Rosa and Han F. Vermeulen / Bibliography
Upcoming HOAN Meeting, with Keynote from Regna Darnell: November 18
Sarah Pickman / Announcements
History of Anthropology Panels at AAA – Updated
Adrianna Link / Announcements
History of Anthropology Events at HSS
Sarah Pickman / Announcements
Latest Additions to the Bibliography, November 2022
Nicholas Barron and Janet Steins / Bibliography
October 2022
Józef Obrębski, the Polish Disciple of Malinowski – by Anna Engelking
BEROSE / Announcements
History of Anthropology Working Group with Matthew C. Watson, Wednesday, November 2 at 12pm ET
Adrianna Link / Announcements
‘A Social History of Anthropology in the United States’ (revised and updated ) by Thomas C. Patterson
Nikola Balaš / Reviews
Edith Durham, an Early Ethnographer in Southeastern Europe – by Anne Delouis
BEROSE / Announcements
Postdoctoral Fellowship: “Archaeology of Indigeneity and Race” at the University of Virginia
The Editors / Announcements
Pierre Verger, the Photographer as Ethnologist – by Angela Luhning
BEROSE / Announcements
September 2022
History of Anthropology Working Group with Staffan Müller-Wille, Wednesday, October 5 at 12pm ET
Adrianna Link / Announcements
Reframing the politics of Alfred C. Haddon’s anthropology – by Ciarán Walsh
BEROSE / Announcements
Historicizing the Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (1964–2022) – by Bruno Hervé-Huamaní and Carmen Salazar-Soler
BEROSE / Announcements
Making the Scientific Social, and the Social Scientific: A Review of Durba Mitra’s “Indian Sex Life”
Jiya Pandya / Reviews
August 2022
Latest Additions to the Bibliography, August 2022
Nicholas Barron / Bibliography
Revisiting Haitian Mobility through Jacques Roumain’s Gouverneurs de la rosée (1944) – by Maud Laëthier
BEROSE / Announcements
‘Lévi-Strauss: A Biography’ by Emmanuelle Loyer
Alex Golub / Reviews
Call for Applications: Associate Editors, History of Anthropology Review (HAR)
The Editors / Announcements
REVIEW: Essays on A. L. Kroeber (1876–1960) and the Unnaming of Kroeber Hall
Rosemary Lévy Zumwalt / Participant Observations, Reviews
Cuban poet Nicolas Guillén’s time in Haiti with Jacques Roumain, by Maud Laëthier
BEROSE / Announcements
Laurette Séjourné (1914-2003), archaelogist and anthropologist in Mexico, by Ian Merkel
BEROSE / Announcements
July 2022
A History of the Harvard-Irish Mission (1930-1936), by Anne Byrne
BEROSE / Announcements
Eva Lips (1906-1988), German Anti-Fascist Anthropologist, by Ingrid Kreide-Damani
BEROSE / Announcements
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