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Field Notes is a forum for reflections on the state of the field of history of anthropology, broadly conceived. We welcome a variety of contributions including (but not limited to) short articles, theoretical musings, reports on cultural and academic events and displays, and discussions of intellectual resources of interest to our readers. If you’re interested in submitting such a piece, please email us at

December 2022
Mário de Andrade, Modernism, and Brazilian Anthropology
Ian Merkel
October 2021
“Orientalism alla Turca”: Evolutionary Desires, Imperial Nostalgias, and Western Anxieties in Ahmed Midhat’s Avrupa’da Bir Cevelân
Hande Birkalan-Gedik
September 2021
Activating the Torres Strait Archive: An Interview with Anita Herle and Jude Philp on Recording Kastom
Anita Herle, Jude Philp, Cameron Brinitzer, Freddy Foks and Laurel Waycott
August 2021
Special Focus: Structures
Cameron Brinitzer, Gabriel Coren, Lorraine Daston, François Dosse, Bernard Dionysius Geoghegan, Shin-pyo Kang, Frédéric Keck, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Csaba Pléh, John Tresch and Helen Verran
April 2021
Special Focus: Engaging ‘The Second Generation of African American Pioneers in Anthropology’
Tracie Canada
February 2021
Bernhard J. Stern, an American Apologist for Stalinism
Sergei A. Kan
Special Focus: The Morton Cranial Collection and Legacies of Scientific Racism in Museums
Margaret M. Bruchac, Francisco Diaz, VanJessica Gladney, CD Green, Ann Kakaliouras, Stephanie Mach, Jonathan Marks, Paul Wolff Mitchell, Samuel J. Redman, Ricardo Roque, Deborah Thomas, Courtney Thompson, Paul Turnbull and Christopher D.E. Willoughby
November 2020
The One-Two Punch
Lee D. Baker
October 2020
The Peripeteia of The Gift: Gift Exchange by Grégoire Mallard
Simon Torracinta
August 2020
Conferences as Ecologies of Ideas: Epistemic Cultures of the Association for Social Anthropology of Oceania
Alan Howard and Alexander Mawyer
July 2020
Women of the Powell Expeditions: The Contributions of Emma Powell and Ellen Powell Thompson
Candace Greene
Faustian Bargains: The Legends and Legacies of German “Liberal Ethnology”
Matthew Vollgraff
January 2020
Decolonizing or Recolonizing? The (Mis)Representation of Humanity in Natural History Museums
Julia E. Rodriguez
December 2019
UNDERTONES: Leiris, Lévi-Strauss and Opera
Jean Jamin and Simon Torracinta
October 2019
The Inspiration for the History of Anthropology Newsletter
Ira Bashkow
February 2019
Special Focus: Canguilhem’s Milieu Today
Cameron Brinitzer, Carlo Caduff, Gabriel Coren, Hannah Landecker, Todd Meyers, Adriana Petryna and Kathleen Stewart
December 2018
Special Focus: História dos Índios no Brasil Dossiê
Marta Amoroso, Manuela Carneiro da Cunha, Leandro Mahalem de Lima, Rosanna Dent, Camila Loureiro Dias, Nádia Farage, Joziléia Daniza Kaingang, Paulo Santilli and Luísa Valentini
Can Humanity be Mapped? Adolf Bastian, Friedrich Ratzel and the Cartography of Culture
Carlotta Santini
July 2018
“Laying the Cards on the Table”
Luis Felipe Sobral
May 2018
Living Monuments: Imagining Ancient Gene Pools in the Middle East
Elise K. Burton
December 2017
Arsenic and Old Pelts: Deadly Pesticides in Museum Collections
Alice B. Kehoe and Marshall J. Becker
‘Cultures in the Body’: Dance and Anthropology in Revolutionary Cuba
Elizabeth Schwall
October 2017
Special Focus: Fields, Furrows, and Landmarks in the History of Anthropology
Patricia Alvarez Astacio, Warwick Anderson, Lee D. Baker, Margaret M. Bruchac, William Carruthers, James Clifford, Nélia Dias, Rosanna Dent, Ugo F. Edu, Elizabeth Edwards, Matthew Engelke, James D. Faubion, Margaret Flood, Ruth Goldstein, Robert L. A. Hancock (Metis), Ageliki Lefkaditou, Benoît de L'Estoile, Adrianna Link, Jonathan Marks, H. Glenn Penny, Nathan Schlanger, Edna Suárez-Díaz, Marilyn Strathern, Helen Tilley, John Tresch, Han F. Vermeulen and Matt Watson
July 2017
Alexander Reshetov and the History of Russian Ethnography
Elena V. Revunenkova
January 2017
Fair Necropolis: The Peruvian Dead, the First American Ph.D. in Anthropology, and the World’s Columbian Exposition of Chicago, 1893
Christopher Heaney
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