The annual meeting of the History of Science Society (HSS) will take place November 1-4 at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel. Here is a list of sessions and events relevant to the history of anthropology:

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Land Acknowledgement Ceremony & Plenary Roundtable: Knowledge/Violence/Futures: History of Science and its Genealogies
18:00-19:29, Room: Willow
Co-Organized by Gregg Mitman (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Michelle Murphy (University of Toronto)

  • Joseph Masco (University of Chicago)
  • Kim TallBear (University of Alberta)
  • Michelle Murphy (University of Toronto)
  • Dr. Pablo Gómez (University of Wisconsin Madison)

Friday, November 2, 2018

Expeditions, Specimens and Ideas
9:00-11:45, Room: Jefferson, B

  • “Theory, Observation, and Discipline: The Funafuti Expeditions as Crucial Experiments?” (Alistair Sponsel)
  • “Now is the Time to Collect: Museums and Salvage Zoology at the Turn of the Twentieth Century” (Paul D Brinkman)
  • “Collecting Evolution in the Galapagos and Rebuilding the California Academy of Sciences” (Matthew James)
  • “Sailing for Science: The Voyage of the Blossom” (Wendy Wasman)
  • “Fossil Tug of War: Evolution and Controversy at Liang Bua” (Paige Madison)

Roundtable: “Ethics in the Human Sciences of the Global South”
12:00-13:15, Room: Medina
Organized by Julia E Rodriguez (University of New Hampshire)
Moderator: Ayah Nuriddin

  • Ben Silverstein (Australian National University)
  • Hans Pols (University of Sydney)
  • Julia E Rodriguez (University of New Hampshire)
  • Maile Arvin (University of Utah)
  • Rosanna Dent (McGill University)

Cryo-Histories: Telling “Other” Stories of Science in Frozen Lands
13:30-15:50, Room: Medina

  • Heroism on Ice, 25 Years (Dani Inkpen)
  • Principles of the Ice Age: Calculating Cosmological Influence (Alexis Rider)
  • “A Totally Unqualified Woman”: Gender and the Policing of Science in the IGY Expedition to South Georgia (Daniella McCahey)
  • Self-Fashioning: Clothing Technology, Ethnoscience, and the Arctic Expertise of Vilhjálmur Stefánsson (Sarah Pickman)

Saturday, November 3, 2018

“Man’s Role in Changing the Face of the Earth”
9:00-11:45am, Room: Chelan

  • “The Agency of Man on the Earth”: Cross-Disciplinary Studies about Anthropogenic Environmental Change (Emilie Raymer)
  • Man and Nature (James Bergman)
  • “Our Destiny and Our Duty”: Evolution’s Role in Man’s Role in Changing the Face of the Earth (Jonathan Phillips)
  • “Negative Miracles” – Lewis Mumford and Man’s Role in Changing the Face of the Earth (Zachary Loeb)
  • A Science for “Man with a Capital-M”: Man’s Role and Anthropology in the Atomic Age (Simon Torracinta)
Forum for History of Human Science Distinguished Lecture
 12:00-13:15, Room: Ballard
  • “Histories of Science in and for Practice: Turning Points in Archaeology” (Alison Wylie)

Roundtable: Globalizing the Human Sciences in Latin America: Tensions and Possibilities
12:00-13:15, Room: Leschel
Organizer: Sebastián Gil-Riaño (University of Pennsylvania)

  • Dr. Adam Warren (University of Washington)
  • Eve Buckley (University of Delaware)
  • Dr. Karin Rosemblatt (University of Maryland, College Park)
  • Dr. Micah Oelze (Florida International University)
  • Sarah Walsh (Washington State University, Pullman)

“Asia and the Global Origins of the Social Sciences”
13:30-15:45, Room: Boren

  • The First Treatise of Indology and the Origins of Anthropology (Dr. Carolina Armenteros)
  • Civilization and Diffusion: From Comparative Law to International Copyright (Hansun Hsiung)

Radiation, Indigenous Peoples and Expertise in the Far North
16:00-18:00, Room: Kirkland

  • “I Remember When the Russian Satellite Fell”: Cosmos 954 and the Shape of Northern Nuclearity, 1968-1979 (Lisa Ruth Rand)
  • Radiation, Indigenous Rights, and the Temporal Politics of Settler Colonialism in Cold War Alaska (Tess Lanzarotta)
  • Discovering Another Civilization through an “Othered” People: Investigations of Radioactivity at the Site of the Tunguska Explosion (Andy Bruno)

Distinguished Lecture: Science v. the Sacred, a Dead-End Settler Ontology–and then what?
18:30-19:30, Room: Metropolitan

  • Kim TallBear, University of Alberta