The 18th IUAES World Congress will take place in Florianópolis (Santa Catarina), Brazil, at the Federal University of Santa Caterina (UFSC) from July 16-20, 2018. A  list of sessions and events relevant to the history of anthropology can be found below:

July 16, 2018

OP 040. “Theory, progress and history in anthropology.”
Room: UFSC-CSE, Block B, 1st floor, Rm 111
Chairs: Petr Skalník (Hradec Králové), Gérald Gaillard (Lille), Peter Schröder (Recife) and Han Vermeulen (Halle).

July 19, 2018

OP 010: “Alternate histories about anthropology: Tensions between national imperatives and cosmopolitan imperatives”
Room: UFSC-CSE Block B, ground floor, Rm 311
Organizer: Brazilian Association of Anthropology (Associação Brasileira de Antropologia)

OP125: “Missionary Ethnograpies: Encounters, Uses and Legacies Between Science and Faith.”
Room: UFSC-CSE Block B, ground floor, Rm. 303

More information about the 18th IUAES World Congress’ schedule can be found here.