October 2022
‘A Social History of Anthropology in the United States’ (revised and updated ) by Thomas C. Patterson
Nikola Balaš / Reviews
Edith Durham, an Early Ethnographer in Southeastern Europe – by Anne Delouis
BEROSE / Announcements
Postdoctoral Fellowship: “Archaeology of Indigeneity and Race” at the University of Virginia
The Editors / Announcements
Pierre Verger, the Photographer as Ethnologist – by Angela Luhning
BEROSE / Announcements
September 2022
History of Anthropology Working Group with Staffan Müller-Wille, Wednesday, October 5 at 12pm ET
Adrianna Link / Announcements
Reframing the politics of Alfred C. Haddon’s anthropology – by Ciarán Walsh
BEROSE / Announcements
Historicizing the Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (1964–2022) – by Bruno Hervé-Huamaní and Carmen Salazar-Soler
BEROSE / Announcements
Making the Scientific Social, and the Social Scientific: A Review of Durba Mitra’s “Indian Sex Life”
Jiya Pandya / Reviews
August 2022
Latest Additions to the Bibliography, August 2022
Nicholas Barron / Bibliography
Revisiting Haitian Mobility through Jacques Roumain’s Gouverneurs de la rosée (1944) – by Maud Laëthier
BEROSE / Announcements
‘Lévi-Strauss: A Biography’ by Emmanuelle Loyer
Alex Golub / Reviews
Call for Applications: Associate Editors, History of Anthropology Review (HAR)
The Editors / Announcements
REVIEW: Essays on A. L. Kroeber (1876–1960) and the Unnaming of Kroeber Hall
Rosemary Lévy Zumwalt / Participant Observations, Reviews
Cuban poet Nicolas Guillén’s time in Haiti with Jacques Roumain, by Maud Laëthier
BEROSE / Announcements
Laurette Séjourné (1914-2003), archaelogist and anthropologist in Mexico, by Ian Merkel
BEROSE / Announcements
July 2022
A History of the Harvard-Irish Mission (1930-1936), by Anne Byrne
BEROSE / Announcements
Eva Lips (1906-1988), German Anti-Fascist Anthropologist, by Ingrid Kreide-Damani
BEROSE / Announcements
The Summer Institute of Linguistics, by Élise Capredon & Thomas Grillot
BEROSE / Announcements
June 2022
Francisco Martins Lage (1888-1957), Portuguese Ethnographer, by Maria Barthez
BEROSE / Announcements
H.H. Risley, Ethnologist of the British raj, by Chris Fuller
BEROSE / Announcements
New Publication and Virtual Book Launch: ETHNOGRAPHERS BEFORE MALINOWSKI, edited by Frederico D. Rosa and Han F. Vermeulen
John Tresch / Announcements
Online Event: Decolonization and Photography in Africa (June 10)
Sarah Pickman / Announcements
May 2022
New Book from Adriana Petryna: Horizon Work
Jennifer Fraser / Announcements
Zoom Event with Ricardo Roque: “Scientific Occupation” and the Timor Anthropological Mission in the Late Portuguese Colonial Empire
Sarah Pickman / Announcements
‘Saving the Nation through Culture’ by Jie Gao
Jeff Kyong-McClain / Reviews
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